Executive Board
Crosier_Michelle (300×300)

North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of '98
Member since 2005
Small animal and exotic private practitioner. Owner of Companion Animal Veterinary Associates in Middletown.

Michelle Crosier, DVM

jeff-bowersox1 (300×300)

The Ohio State University
Class of '94
Member since 2002
Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Medical Director at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Christiana

Jeffrey Bowersox, DVM, DACVO

Board Member 300×300

State University
Class of '96
Member since 2001
Currently lives in Nashville area and has a veterinary dermatology practice in Nashville.


Vice President
Smagala_Jenni & Taft (300×300)

Purdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine
Class of '09
Member since 2010
Small animal practitioner at Lums Pond Animal Hospital in Bear.

Jenni Smagala, DVM

Bielecki (300×300)

Ross University
Class of '18
Member since 2018
Associate Veterinarian at Coastal Veterinary in Selbyville

Emily Bielecki, DVM

AVMA Delegate
Board Member 300×300

Erin Altares, DVM

AVMA Alternate Delegate
IMG_0985 (300×300)

Ross School of Veterinary Medicine
Class of '99
Member since 2016
Owner of Peninsula Veterinary Services in Millsboro

April Reid, DVM

Immediate Past President
Board Member 300×300


New Castle County Representative
Board Member 300×300

University of Pennsylvania
Class of '89
Member since 1990
Owner of House Call Pet Doctor in the Newark area.

Caroline Wieczorek, VMD

New Castle County Representative
Foor (300×300)

University of Georgia
Class of '75
Member since 1992
Associate Veterinarian at Governors Avenue Animal Hospital in Dover.

James Foor, DVM

Kent County Representative

University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of '17
Member since 2019
Associate Veterinarian at Delmarva Equine Clinic based out of Dover

Christin Landis, DVM

Kent County Representative
Alexander_Mallory (300×300)

University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of '16
Member since 2016
Owner of Avenue Veterinary Clinic in Milford

Mallory Alexander, DVM

Sussex County Representative
Fabryka (300×300)

University of Missouri
Class of '12
Member since 2012
Associate Veterinarian at Savannah Animal Hospital in Lewes.

Jennifer Fabryka, DVM

Sussex County Representative

University of Florida
Class of '16
Member since 2017
Manages 60+ technicians at BluePearl Veterinary Partners located in Christiana.

Lisa Smith, LVT, VTS (ECC)

Veterinary Technician Representative
headshot (300×300)

Penn State University
Class of '93
Executive Director since 2019 with 25+ years of association management experience

Christine Gacono, CMP

Executive Director

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