DVMA strives to be THE advocate for the veterinary professional community in Delaware and to advance the quality of life for animals

DVMA is the trusted resource for veterinary professionals in Delaware.
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Organizational Values

Community of Professionals
Our membership incorporates professionals with various backgrounds, experiences, and interests. DVMA fosters an environment that provides support and mentoring for newer colleagues in the profession. The small community in Delaware allows for a sense of fellowship among members.

Engagement in Public Outreach
DVMA strives to be a resource to the public. Outreach programs support local students, 4H programs, and other community-based events.

A primary focus for DVMA, the programs offered by our organization help to build a well-rounded veterinary team and provide content relative to the areas of medicine, surgery, practice management, and overall wellbeing.

Trusted Resource
DVMA as an organization is a trusted resource to our members as well as the community that we serve. The Board strives to practice prudent financial decision-making and accounting. Evidence-based medicine guides our daily practice activities.

As an organization, DVMA advocates for its members relating to legislative issues on both a state and federal level. Members advocate daily for the animals in their care and as a general community. We strive to provide a variety of resources to students entering the veterinary medical field.

DVMA regularly collaborates with key stake holders within our state. Positive relationships have been developed and are continually fostered with state legislators, state agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, Office of Animal Welfare, and Public Health as well as the shelter community.