DVMA strives to advance and protect the practice of veterinary medicine by having an influential presence in Dover

DVMA – Your Exclusive Advocate

DVMA is the exclusive advocate on legislative and regulatory issues that impact veterinary practice in Delaware.


The Delaware Veterinary Medical Association, your exclusive advocate on the legislative and regulatory issues that impact your practice, is in need of your support to reach an important goal.  This goal will help you, our members, our clients, and our patients.  It will support those legislators and friends of DVMA.

Since our fundraising efforts began in 2017, the PAC fund has collected over $10,000 in donations from DVMA members.  While this has been a great start, we need more member participation in support of the DVMA Political Action Committee (PAC).

Our 2022 goal is to raise $10,000 for the DVMA PAC.  Can we count on your support?


Annual Legislative Reception

DVMA hosts an annual Legislative Reception exclusively for its members and members of the General Assembly.

This year’s event will be held at Frazier’s Restaurant on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 5:00-7:00 pm.  There is no cost for DVMA members and members of the General Assembly and their staff to attend.  CLICK HERE to register now!

Legislative Wins

DVMA and its Government Relations Committee (GRC) continue to protect and enhance Delaware’s veterinary profession, ensuring veterinarians can take care of their patients.  Some of the ways DVMA has made an impact include:

Legislative Hall

We continue to increase our presence with legislators with regular visits to Legislative Hall, attending various fundraising events for individual legislators, and DVMA’s Annual Legislative Reception for members of the General Assembly each spring.


This remains a critical issue for our Association.  Virtually every conversation we have with legislators includes a discussion about the importance of continued funding for Delaware residents attending veterinary college.  We are determined to maintain funding of the contract seats currently in place at both Oklahoma State and University of Georgia.

Rabies Vaccine Exemption Law

The initial version of this bill was introduced in 2017 and included a vaccine “risk assessment” component, that if put into law, would have required all veterinary medical facilities to utilize this form in conjunction with the vaccination of a pet.  Through multiple meetings with the sponsors of the bill as well as collaboration with our colleagues in both the Department of Agriculture and the Office of Animal Welfare, we were able to remove the vaccine risk assessment piece completely.  We were also successful in modifying the rabies component of the bill to allow an exemption for select pets for up to one year for medical reasons after examination by a veterinarian, among other changes.  The bill passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate in 2021.

Outdoor Dog Housing (Shelter) Bill

Multiple versions of this bill have surfaced over the last few years.  Currently SB 139 addresses cruelty and outdoor housing of dogs.  GRC members met with key sponsors of the bill to discuss language and inclusions for the bill.  While DVMA remains neutral on this bill, it has met with resistance from the working dog community.  It passed the Senate in late May, but was not considered by the House before the June 2019 break.

Office of Animal Welfare/Department of Agriculture

We continue to foster relationships with our colleagues in both of these state agencies through regular meetings and collaboration on key issues.  Members are continuing to work with the Department of Agriculture on rabies regulations for the state of Delaware.

As a member of our veterinary professional community, each and every one of us has a powerful voice in the direction of and protection of our profession. Our state is small enough that face-to-face conversations matter. The small size of our profession means that we need to have a unified voice to promote effective change and protect our professional integrity. I enjoy participating in the process by being involved in DVMA’s Government Relations Committee and helping to educate the legislation and general public about our profession and its needs.”

Jeffrey Bowersox, DVM, DACVO
Medical Director, BluePearl Pet Hospital
Christiana, DE

Make a Difference

Our Association, to be effective and “tell our story” to members of the Assembly and even the Administration of Delaware, must raise PAC funds to support these efforts.  Your financial donations allows our Government Relations Committee to support our elected officials in the Assembly by supporting their campaigns.  While PAC dollars are not the only way to support candidates for office, it is a critical tool to keep us and our profession relevant in the eyes of the policy makers.

A yearly investment of $50 per member puts your Association in a strong position of supporting our friends and advancing our issues.