Our Mission

In its Vets, Reps & Pets program, DVMA showcases the relationship between legislators, their pets and their veterinarians.

DVMA invites legislators to share with Delaware’s veterinarians, the public, and veterinary industry partners their story with their pets. DVMA is always considering ways to promote responsible pet care and having a relationship with a veterinarian is a large component of that important aspect of pet ownership. With this project, DVMA hopes to enlighten and direct public opinion regarding veterinary medicine within the state by highlighting our state’s leaders and the great care provided to their pets and the importance of the relationship with a veterinarian.

DVMA will feature these important relationships on its website, social media, in electronic and printed newsletters, and at public events.

Senator Dave Sokola with his rescued husky mix, Cayce

Senator Dave Sokola, a client of DVMA Member Dr. Janet Mitchell, is featured here with his rescued 5-year-old husky mix, Cayce. Senator Sokola feels that pets are part of the family and owners need to make sure they have the professional veterinary care they need.  Pets with proper nutrition, attention, and exercise will remain healthy, and will help keep owners healthy as well.  Cayce loves to go for walks at night and howls when someone squeaks her toys (providing laughs for her people!).  Thanks to Senator Sokola for sharing Cayce’s story and to Dr. Mitchell and Hockessin Animal Hospital for taking care of her!

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