2018 DVMA Membership Application/Renewal Form

Please note – new and renewing members may use this form.

  • Existing members:  Late fees ($25) will be incurred after 3/31/18.
  • New members: DVMA does not pro-rate membership. If you were not a member in 2017, then you do not need to pay the late fee.


DVMA Membership Categories

DVMA currently offers two types of primary membership as well as several other categories to meet the needs of all veterinary professionals.

View our current membership brochure

Primapexels-photory (Paid):

  • Veterinarian – this includes all active veterinarians and recent graduates
    • 2017 Membership Dues are $225.00 for veterinarians and $100.00 for 2015 graduates
  • Veterinary Technician/Support Staff – this includes veterinary technicians, assistants and practice managers
    • 2017 Membership Dues are $30.00

Secondary (Non-paid):

  • Veterinary school students
  • Honor Roll members
  • Honorary members