The Delaware Veterinary Medical Association (DVMA) honors Delaware’s best of the best each year at our Annual Membership Meeting with our annual Member Awards and Animal Hero Awards.

Veterinarian of the Year Award

Criteria for Veterinarian of the Year are as follows:

  1. Member in good standing of the DVMA;
  2. Sound and moral character;
  3. Licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Delaware;
  4. Contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine;
  5. Distinguished service to the veterinary profession, and;
  6. Demonstrated unselfish devotion to the welfare of his or her family and community.

Dr. Richard H. Long Lifetime Achievement Award

Criteria for Lifetime Achievement Award are as follows:


This award is presented to a member of the Delaware Veterinary Medical Association (DVMA) who has demonstrated a lifetime of selfless dedication to veterinary medicine, the health of welfare of animals, and the betterment of the profession.


The Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded annually to a DVMA member who has:

  • an established history of distinguished service;
  • made a lasting, reputable contribution to the veterinary profession;
  • exhibited leadership and provided inspiration to others in the profession; and
  • positively influenced the profession on a state, national or international level.

Nominees Should Have:

  • made a positive impact on the profession on the state and/or national level;
  • 25 years, or more, of sustained service and/or is considered an honor roll DVMA member;
  • earned recognition by other industry, training, education or employer groups;
  • the respect of professional peers;
  • general acknowledgement as having reached a pinnacle of their profession or industry;
  • personal integrity; and
  • two letters of recommendation from DVMA members in good standing.

Animal Hero Award

Nominations are also now being accepted for the DVMA Animal Hero Award. The Animal Hero Award is presented to animals (and their owners) that have demonstrated exemplary behavior in at least one of four main categories:

  • Hero – has saved or preserved a life/lives
  • Service/Working – has demonstrated extraordinary deeds as a private or public service/working animal
  • Companion – has provided a benefit to their human companions or community
  • Therapy – has demonstrated significantly impressive work as a therapy animal

All applicants MUST have a letter of recommendation from their veterinarian. Every applicant must have a Delaware connection but it is not required that they live in Delaware.

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations for all awards should include the name and contact information of the nominator including email and daytime phone number.  The nominating individual should include details of why the individual is being nominated for the Veterinarian of the Year or Lifetime Achievement Award or the reasons why the animal has been nominated.

All nominations should be submitted to DVMA by mail: P.O. Box 9997, Newark, DE 19714 or email to  Award nominations must be received is no later than Wednesday, October 24, 2018.