DVMA Animal Hero Awards

6th Annual DVMA Animal Hero Awards

Nominations are also now being accepted for the DVMA Animal Hero Award. The Animal Hero Award is presented to animals (and their owners) that have demonstrated exemplary behavior in at least one of four main categories:

• Hero – has saved or preserved a life/lives
• Service/Working – has demonstrated extraordinary deeds as a private or public service/working animal
• Companion – has provided a benefit to their human companions or community
• Therapy – has demonstrated significantly impressive work as a therapy animal

Click here to download the Animal Hero Award nomination materials.

Click here to download the Animal Here Award poster.

Deadline for Nominations

All nominations should be submitted to DVMA by mail: P.O. Box 9997, Newark, DE 19714 or email to info@devma.org. The deadline for all award submissions is Wednesday, October 24, 2018.