garden-party-animal-dogVeterinarians have been serving people and their pets for 250+ years. Veterinary professionals in today’s world are not only animal doctors, nurses and caretakers, they are also key public health stakeholders.

Veterinary medical professionals play a crucial role in:

  • Promoting food security by supervising animal production hygiene
  • Controlling zoonoses (diseases transferrable between humans and animals)
  • Monitoring food quality and safety
  • Biomedical research
  • Protecting the environment and biodiversity

All of this is in addition to being animal welfare advocates, managing the vital human-animal bond for our patients and guiding our clients and patients through a vast array of diagnostic and treatment options for their beloved family pets. We also are challenged with learning and adapting to continuous medical advancements. Veterinarians are truly the pet owner’s OTHER family doctor.

The Delaware Veterinary Medical Associations knows the challenges of practicing medicine in today’s evolving veterinary healthcare environment. That’s why we offer valuable benefits to our members including legal and legislative advocacy, practical help, networking with other local and national professionals, continuing education and resources, and valuable information applicable to today’s veterinary professional. We cater to veterinarians and their support staff.

wall-animal-dog-petThe DVMA Mission

  • Cultivate veterinary medical science and literature
  • Elevate the standards of veterinary education and teaching
  • Enlighten and direct public opinion regarding veterinary issues within the state of Delaware
  • Promote good fellowship among practitioners of veterinary medicine in the state of Delaware
  • Protect the material interests of the veterinary profession and to present to the world its achievements
  • Engage in all lawful acts and activities in furtherance of these purposes